Almond Joy Cupcakes

Hello there. Its been a few days.. I've been working, a lot.  12 hour days + working Saturdays = tired Caiti.

But... I found time to bake.

I found this recipe here

For some strange reason I was craving an Almond Joy for about a week.  I think I've had maybe a half of one in my life. But I was on this 'I need coconut, and chocolate, and almonds... NOW' kick. So, since I was needing a reason to bake, and cupcakes taste so much better than candy bars... um? maybe? I decided to search the web and figure out which one worked the best for me.  

They came out amazing, so moist, so coconut-y, and the almond frosting?! I wanted to just sit down with my mixing bowl with a spoon. 

These are definitely on my favorite list.

Now... back to Tuesday. YAY..

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