A Tote Bag.

I don't know if I've said this before on here.. but I'll say it again, I'm an 80 year old trapped in a 23 year old body.

I like to sew. And craft. And bake. And knit. And crochet.  

Anyways... Next week its my best friends wedding! Since she knows that I'm secretly 80, she gave me some projects to complete.  I obviously procrastinated every single one of them (Sorry Kels) but they're getting done!

Since I had my sewing machine out for one of the projects I was working on, I decided that once I was done I would make myself a little tote bag.  

The story behind the picture:
This picture was drawn by my amazing father, when he was in high school.  He said he thinks its a model in a magazine.  Anyways, its probably one of my favorites that I have of his art work, and I wanted to make sure that whoever was around me could admire it.  And, to make it a little more retro, the back of the bag is this super cute print that I got at hobby lobby.

The bag tutorial was found here.
To learn how to transfer your own photos to fabric go here.

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