Utah, part one.

Utah is home. It is the only place I think I'll feel 100% comfortable in. I just came back from a 10 day trip. It wasn't nearly enough time, and I feel like I'm already counting down the days till my next trip.

These views... sigh.

Cafe Rio Salad, you can never go wrong.

This is what I look like the day after an 8 hour drive..

32 ounces of pure bliss. I'm already having with drawls.

A hike with my favorite brother.

She wanted that balloon so bad, but then it flew away in the sky... didn't hear the end of it for about an hour.

These girls. <3 p="">

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  1. I have been craving beans and brews too!!!

    And omg. Lol the balloon, my poor child hahaha. "The start balloon just wanted to be in the sky with the other stars honey"
    "oh..buut I waaannt iiiit"
    hahah I love her.

    Today is her first day of Preschool/Day Care [more preschool than day care but doesn't realllyyy start until august ha] but it's a super nice place and they teach them spanish!
    She's all I want to learn spanish like Dora!! lol.

    I miss you. Please move to Cali.

    When we have our own house, we are going to make sure there's a Caiti room, and you can be our Nanny...until you find a jarb...if you want a different one that is lol cuz you would make a super awesome Nanny.

    love and miss you tonzzz


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