I'm feeling a little Minty.

There's some new swag up in my shop, you should check it out here.

Time is moving way too fast, I can't believe its already November.  The weather is turning cold, and I hate it more than anything.  Good thing I know how to knit, I'm going to hermit myself for the next 6 months until the sun shines at 6 in the morning and doesn't go down until 9 at night.

Keep warm my friends.


this is a journey

In the last 5 months I:
got a perm.
turned 25.
made some new friends.
felt really low.
felt really high.

Oh what a journey this life is.  We should all take it day by day, and appreciate whatever good is in our life. Even if its eating some swedish fish at 3 in the morning, because, what else are you supposed to do when you can't sleep?

Love life, kick ass. Show them all what your made of.


Awkward family photo..

There's nothing like a good family photo with bunnies for Easter.
We're hilarious... at least we think we are.

Happy Easter!