Jean Jacket Refashion - DIY

This project was super easy.  Sorry for the crappy photos, I did it on a whim!

I've had this jean jacket for a while now, and it was just getting boring to me.  I had just recently bought a new jacket from Gap so I figured that if I messed this one up, I wouldn't be too sad about it.  It was a win because I love the new look.

I had some left over lace (the kind you get next to the ribbon), some fabric glue, and a jacket.  This could work on other things too! I was thinking of doing something like this to a purse that I have... Anyways.

Just cut the strips out long enough to cover the area that you want.  Then glue away. let it dry at least over night before wearing.

This was a great way to spruce something up that I was getting tired of!  I'm super excited to wear it.

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