23 things.

Around this time last year I made a list of 23 things I wanted to accomplish while I was 23.  Here's what I came up with and what I accomplished:

1. Start my own business. - Kind of did. Started a few things, finally sticking to my Etsy shop!
2. Try to save $100 a month - Absolutely did not happen. I barely have 100 dollars to my name at this moment in time.
3. Pay off 2 credit cards - Paid off 1.5! that counts.. right?
4. Go on a road trip, to somewhere I've never been - Went to Octoberfest in Breckenridge last October. Short road trip, but it counts.
5. Learn how to play tennis - did not happen.
6. Work out at least 3 times a week - this happened some weeks. other weeks not so much.
7. Move to Denver - Happened! yay!
8. Meet new people - Totally happened
9. Visit home - Obviously.
10. Run a 5k, for real - Didn't really happen. 
11. Learn full songs on the guitar - I suck at the guitar.
12. Read 23 books - I lost count. but I'm probably close.
13. Work on improving my anxiety/depression naturally. no meds - I have my days, its mostly under control.
14. Eat healthy - basically... unless I want a cheeseburger and a frosty beer.
15. Take control over my shopping problem - done, and done.
16. Be crafty - There's no getting away from the crafts.
17. Organize and stay that way - I organize, then it turns into a disaster, then I re-organize.
18. Take at least 5 community classes - I took one, signed up for another, but it was canceled.
19. Create my own cupcake flavor - Still haven't quite figured that out yet.
20. Act like a normal 23 year old, have fun - Check!
21. Get an animal - My roommate did, so that counts
22. Create my own music on the piano - Didn't happen, but I still want to.
23. Pay as much extra as i can on my car payment. - Broke girl problems.

This year, I'm turning 24. WHAT?? I feel 45. The only goal I have this year, is to be happy. With myself and with my decisions. And, I don't want to care what people say or think about it. - We'll see about that one.

So, crack open a Pepsi, a Coors Light, a water bottle, or whatever you prefer and cheers to me growin' up!

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  1. Looks like you accomplished the majority of these things, which is a total win! I can't believe we're going to be 24..I totally agree with you on the feeling like I'm 45 lol.


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