A New Year.

A new year means new resolutions... that hopefully I keep this time.
I'm pushing for an 'All about me' year. With ZERO drama.

Here's what I got planned - 13 things to do in 2013:

1. Be Healthy: Eat healthy - eliminate sugar.  
Work out 3x min. a week - wake up early in the morning to stretch/meditate (ha!)
2. Work on my anxiety, fears, and speaking my mind when it needs to be spoken
3.  Read at least 14 books
4. Make new friends - go out more
5. Pay off 2 credit cards
6. Be more creative - sew, craft, bake, etc.
8. Take a vacation that isn't Utah (sorry mom)
9. Take a community class
10. Create new ways to make extra money - bake..
11. Organize my life - its a mess
12. Put some money in the bank, and keep it there
13. Volunteer for something wonderful

There are a few other things I'd like to do that are sub category goals for some of the goals listed above, like...
Go to a Broncos game
Run another 5k
Maybe start selling my scarfs on Etsy
Blog more.

Bring. It. On.

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  1. I hope you succeed!!
    Mine were blog more, exercise, and be more organized productive and on top of things. I've done none of the above!! LOL EPIC FAIL!!


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