Juicing, Day One.

I decided to go on a 3 day juice cleanse. I've read so many good things about it, so why not?

I'm on day one. I want to die.
Well, let me tell you... my day did not start off right.
I spent over an hour last night prepping and juicing my 'meals' for the day.
I get to work, and I'm showing a co-worker what I'll be doing and the lid on one of my mason jars wasn't screwed on tightly... it spilled, all over my desk.
so, I was down to two meals.  maybe that's why I want to eat my hand.

Anyways... I read the side effects that could come with doing a cleanse like this, and I do have a few symptoms.
Hunger. Obviously
Emotional wasn't on the list, but I definitely feel like I'm on edge.
Its probably just me.

But I'm hoping the nausea and being lethargic will go away tomorrow.
I've got a busy day ahead of me.

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