A Little Cray.

Hello, my name is Caitlin. And I've got issues.
If you know me well, you might thing 'what's new?', if you don't know me well you might be surprised. I tend to hid things well.

I feel like its good to talk about thins, or write about them. This is me writing about one of my many problems, publicly. Yikes.

I struggle with anxiety and depression. Its probably worse then I'd like to admit, but its very much present in my daily life, so at least I can admit that much.
 A few months ago, after some very life changing events and some scary anxiety attacks, I decided it might be good to consult a doctor. What that doctor prescribed me didn't feel right, the side affects were insane.  He even warned me that I could feel worse on the certain drug. I wasn't having it.

I've spent hours researching 'natural' ways to treat anxiety. I'm in the middle of 3 different books to help manage anxiety. I've been taking a vitamin B complex religiously and I feel like I'm doing a lot better. Until one day I'm overwhelmed with emotion that I can't control.  I cry so much I worry that my eyes might literally fall out. No jokes.

I know a lot of people struggle with anxiety.  So this is me reaching out for natural suggestions to help calm my nerves and to keep me off the edge of freaking out for no apparent reason.

Any input is awesome! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Anxiety is the worst. I can tell its very present in my life too. It used to be a lot worse. Things have gotten better. But I think its unfortunately something that will never fully go away and something I'll have to deal with daily for the rest of my life., congrats on wanting to go on a natural rout. At the beginning I was on paxil. or as I like to call it, the devil drug. Along with a couple other meds. It didn't help anything at all. In fact it made things worse, incredibly worse. Finally my family was noticing the negative change and I got off them and searched for natural and alternative remedies. The first thing I did was talk to a counselor. I had to go through a couple till I found one that I clicked with. But it helped to be able to talk to someone and try to understand what my body was going through. Next I went to a specialist here in Utah. his name is Dr Stockwell, he does NUCCA. Its a type of "chiropractics". But he doesn't crack your bones. He aligns your central nervous system so everything flows right in your body. He also had me take lots of vitamins/whole food supplements and clean up my eating. Ths was by far the biggest turning point in my treatment and helped sooooo much, but its kind of pricey. The first visit anyways. You can message me on fb if you want more details on him. Other then that I read a bunch of self help books. I don't remember all the names..but two I liked was the power of now and the laws of the spirit. I also do daily affirmations. There is an amazing book called you can heal your life (ill double check the author but I believe her name is Louise l hay or something). another thing I would carry around peppermint oil with me. It helps with headaches and car sickness. One of my biggest symptoms of a panic attack was dizziness. I would rub the oil on my temples and back of my neck to help calm me down. And lastly, sorry i'm writing a novel, is find someone who you can call anytime your having an episode. My mom was the best. Anytime I was having an attack I would call her, we would have a secret phrase I could tell her and she knew what was going on so I didn't have to say anything if others were around. She would talk about anything to get my mind off of it until it passed. It was so helpful for me. Anyways, I hope some of these can help. Best of luck, this is really an awful thing to go through. But your going to be such a stronger person once you work through it all.


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