Taking Stock. 01

Making :  Sewing scarfs like a mad woman.
Cooking : Pumpkin chili, because its going to be negative degrees the next few days.
Drinking : Arnold Palmer. because nothing is better than tea and lemonade.
Reading : 3rd book in the Divergent series, Gone girl, Perks of being a wallflower.  I should finish one before I start another.
Wanting : It to be Friday.
Looking: Forward to spending Christmas with my family
Playing: The XX pandora radio on repeat
Wasting: Time and money
Sewing: Infinity scarfs. I've turned into a personal sweat shop
Wishing: For fall, again.
Enjoying: These friends that I have.
Waiting: For nothing.
Liking: Banana cream pie
Wondering: What life will bring me in the next year.
Loving: That I can wear a sweater everyday
Hoping: That I don't disappoint myself.
Marveling: At how quickly time passes
Needing: New shoes, always.
Smelling: Snow. if that makes any sense.
Wearing: Jeans, sweater, socks. I need to get in my sweats.
Following: A to do list. like always.
Noticing: That everything really does happen for a reason.
Knowing: That I finally feel good.
Thinking: What I have ahead of me.
Feeling: Thankful, hopeful, loved, happy, etc, etc, etc.
Bookmarking: Anything DIY.. because I'll get to it eventually
Opening: My eyes.
Giggling: Is such a strange word.
Feeling: Comfort

Thanks for the idea Sydney at The Daybook Blog

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