Colorado has changed me, mostly for the best.  But.. I have a confession.

I'm totally turning hippie.. crunchy... granola.. ya know? all natural, organic, kind of gal.
embrasse it, love it, accept it.

I've also recently reverted back to being 15 and going through puberty.  My face is a planet full love craters ready to burst at any moment.  I am blessed to have mild acne, but its still there and its still so obnoxiously ugly.  The only thing that has really helped clear my acne was birth control.  Since I've opted to stop taking mine I've blown up in zit town.

que in the granola.

I've been reading a lot about natural ways to wash your face, mostly with oils. I have to say, its the best thing in the world.  My face is sensitive, to the point where most moisturizers dry my skin out.. weird.  Using oils is an all inclusive ride to silky smooth skin.

I've found great information here

What I've been using is a 1:1 ratio of  Avocado oil and Grape seed oil.  I want to get the castor and jojoba oil, but haven't yet.

The avocado and grape seed oil combo have been working pretty well! I haven't had any new breakouts since I started using it, and my acne scars have faded a little.

I'm definitely happy with it.

Granola on.

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