I've been thinking a lot lately, about the choices people make, and why they make them.  What they learn from them, and how they handle the consequences; good or bad.

Its crazy how social media can have such a big impact in peoples lives, what they say can be judged with in a matter of seconds.  Writing one statement about religion, political views, etc can be immediately scrutinized and hated.

Being someone who grew up in a very religious background, I know what its like to be judged by your friends and your family for choosing a different path. I can say its the most frustrating thing in the world, to make a decision based off what you feel and believe, to only be told you're wrong.  It can make you feel like any of your choices are wrong, and to follow or do what someone else says... because their right?


We are all our own person, and we all have a specific path we travel.  You make the choices you want to make; because at the end of the day... you are the person you have to live with.

No matter what you believe in, or chose for your life, it doesn't make you a horrible person.  Live your life the way you imagine it to be, and love who you are.  At the end of the day, the people who truly mind, don't matter; and the people who truly matter, don't mind.

I don't believe in a specific religion, personally.  I believe in being a kind person, giving people the benefit of the doubt, not judging someone by what they believe or how they grew up, but by accepting them as how they are as an actual person.  No matter who you meet, they're always facing a battle you know nothing about.  I think people can lose sight of what's really important, and its not if someone follows the same views as you do.

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