Subject: Caiti hangin' with the gangstas

^^back when I thought I was cool^^

I found this picture in an email from my dad from 2010, I remember this moment like it was yesterday.

We were at Liberty park, my dad wanted to take a picture and told me to throw up a 'gang sign'... I'm not sure why he actually wanted me to do that. Of course I did, and then he immediately looked around and said laughing hysterically, 'put that down! you might get shot!'

Then the next day he emailed me the picture with the subject line 'Caiti hangin' with the gangstas'

I love that guy.

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  1. I totally remember this, it still makes me laugh. I am glad you didn't get shot! Your dad is so fantastic! I miss you lady but it looks like you are doing well so that makes me happy.


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