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llama = Best animal, ever.
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WARNING: This blog post has apparently turned in to a complain fest.  It had to get out of me. I apologize in advance.

I've been going through this phase [for as long as I can even remember], and I'm not sure how to explain it or how to get out of it.  I miss my home, more then I think anyone realizes. I miss my family, my friends.  But, on the other hand, I've enjoyed the freedom and sense of independence, the friends I've made here in Colorado.  I've had really good memories here, but really bad ones at the same time.  It would be so easy for me to just walk away from it all but I chose to stay, and lately I'm not 100% sure why.  

I feel like I haven't been happy with where I am at, on a personal one on one basis with myself, and with what I've accomplished.  I always try to set goals for myself, write down what I want to accomplish for the day. But, I never seem to get any of it done.

Desk jobs are tiring. Having people give me more and more work because they know I can figure out a way to get it done, and not feeling like its gotten me anywhere, is tiring. I'm tired of all the bitching and moaning about every single thing that goes on in the type of work environment I'm in, I'm sick of listening to myself bitching and moaning about every single thing. I'm sick of listening to myself type how much I'm sick of it. ha.

I have this bad habit, of starting things - having awesome ideas - and never finishing or following through with any of it.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, I am a giver at heart, I want to help people feel good about them selves. Whether its a cute yellow scarf that makes their outfit, a cupcake on their birthday, or a note that lets them know that they are appreciated.  I want to make people feel confident, and loved, and supported in any way possible.  I hope to figure out a way to accomplish this. 

I'm not really sure what the meaning behind this blog post is.  I guess its just been a while, and this is something that has been on my mind.  it feels good to get some of it out. 

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Caiti you are so talented and have so much to offer! I know you've had a hard road and had to go through things no one should ever have to, but I know things will get better for you. Just keep thinking ahead and think of where you want to be! Love you, let me know how I can help.


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