Caiti. Designs

[this is currently my go to hair style, its just so easy peasy!]

I have an old soul. I've always been that way. I'd much rather craft till 9, hit the sack, wake up early, and craft some more. Complete grandma status.

I've been trying to find a direction that I want to go down, what I really want to do when I 'grow up'.  I'm not sure if I've figured it out, or if I will ever, but think I'm going down a road that I feel comfortable on, and think I will enjoy myself doing it.

Its called Caiti. Designs.

Caiti. Designs is all about me channeling a hipter-y 80 year old woman, and creating works of art that you can wear, display, or hang on your wall.  Everything is still in the works, I have a ton of ideas I just need the time to implement all of them.  I will be setting up an etsy shop where you can purchase them!

So, stay tuned for some amazing things ahead!

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